If you’re one of those people who ~hates and doesn’t have the patience~ for social media’s everchanging algorithms, allow me to intervene. I’ll take your social profiles off your hands so that you can focus on your strengths. Knowing what to post, where to post and when to post on social media is a critical part of growing a business. Using the following platforms strategically will (and I mean WILL) change the way people perceive and trust your brand.


Spend quality 1-on-1 time in your audience’s inbox through email marketing. You don’t own your social media profiles, but you can own your email list to ensure you have communication with your fans for life. A monthly newsletter filled with segments related to your business or a series of emails to showcase your expertise in your field can guarantee you’re staying top-of-mind in the minds of the right group of people.


Blog writing is a great marketing tactic to help your business appear more credible online, boost your website’s SEO efforts and educate your audience on the values your business believes in. With over 200 written blogs under my belt (and counting), I’m confident my writing abilities will support your overall marketing strategy in a fun, refreshing way.


Creative, conversational, approachable copywriting is what can set apart your business from its competitors. You must speak to people as people and not targets. This includes using modern language, universal references and humor to inform them of the solution your business is providing to their everyday problem. If you feel your brand’s voice is a bit mundane, it’s time to level it up.


I’m no acclaimed graphic designer (but I do have a few in my corner!), however, I can fluently navigate Canva at a fraction of a designer’s cost. With an eye for aesthetics and maintaining a consistent brand image, I’d love to have some fun with whatever project is on your mind. Check out my highlights for a couple of graphics I’ve created for clients.


Need an extra hand? Let’s be honest, everyone could use some delegation every now and then to really give their full attention to a project or task. If you’re looking for someone to brainstorm with, take a load off your plate and help you manage your day-to-day, I’d love to be that person!